Ken Fields

ken-fields-profile-thumbKen Fields, an award-winning handicapper, who specializes in the analytical information behind trends. This is the information that can be quantitative or qualitative and used for the decision making to what specific matchups to side with. His individual and detailed brand of analysis, as well as informed blogging on picks, has made him an in-demand handicapper. Ken is truly unique from all handicappers is his uncanny ability to pick an “underdog” winner when the majority of everyone else is on the other side.

Ken is known for his long winning streaks, most recently noted was from his 2016 winning streak in college football with “underdogs” the public didn’t select. He started the 2016 CFB season hitting 16 straight underdogs that guaranteed him a huge payday. Ken beats the spread on a consistent basis!

Premium Packages


Ken just released tonight’s MLB Power Play. He’s taking advantage of this oddsmaker mistake and doubling down his units to really demolish the book. It’s a power play guaranteed to win or you’ll receive next day at absolutely no charge.

Price: $19.00

*Includes 1 MLB Play