Mike Lieber

mike-lieber-profile-thumbMike Lieber, the extreme sports handicapper knows that the true key to success is doing what you love and for him that’s studying totals and winning. Mike comes from a hard working family where his father instilled in him the lesson that there are no such things as short cuts to success. This is a lesson that Mike uses to help his clients experience consistent winnings, year after year. With the assistance of revolutionary computer models, Mike takes the risk out of sports betting. Mike is truly the “king of totals,” with consistent winnings in NFL and NCAAF football. Mike initially, like all college kid sports enthusiasts, dabbled in sports betting in college due to his passion for sports, and found that the more data he had, the more accurate his picks were. He also examined player matchups, coaching edges, systems, weather reports, injury reports, and just about anything that he felt gives a team an edge over another. It’s important for all current and future clients know that what he didn’t do was study random teams and that’s what makes him unique. Mike considers himself to have much better manipulation of the data and information compared to the general handicapping community. In the words of Mike Lieber, “Stop Gambling and Start Investing” by using his “Totals” system that is proven to work!

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