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Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews Biggest Weekend so far this football season goes today and tomorrow. You’ll receive these 6 Huge 10-Unit Selections to build up your bankroll with:

3 College Football Saturday Selections:
Michigan State vs Ohio State
Pittsburgh vs Duke
Oregon St vs UCLA

3 NFL Football Sunday Selections:
Tampa Bay vs New Orleans
Denver vs LA Chargers
Green Bay vs Dallas

10-Unit Selections have been hitting over 73% this year, so don’t miss out on this strong information all weekend long.

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Oct 27NFL: Baltimore +2Win (+5 Units)
Oct 24NFL: New England -8Win (+5 Units)
Oct 24NFL: New England Over 40.5 Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 23NFL: Indy +2.5Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 23NFL: Kansas City -1Win (+5 Units)
Oct 23NFL: Dallas -7Win (+5 Units)
Oct 23NFL: Miami -7.5Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 22MLB: Houston +110Win (+5 Units)
Oct 22CFB: Wake Forest -20Win (+5 Units)
Oct 22CFB: Pittsburgh +2Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 16NFL: New England +3Win (+5 Units)
Oct 16NFL: Dallas +6.5Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 16NFL: Jaguars +2Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 15CFB: LSU +3Win (+5 Units)
Oct 15CFB: Oklahoma State +5.5Win (+5 Units)
Oct 15CFB: Utah -3Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 15CFB: Purdue -14Loss (-5 Units)
Oct 14CFB: SMU/Navy Over 57.5Win (+5 Units)
Oct 14MLB: Philly +105Win (+5 Units)
Sept 29NFL: Cinci -4Win (+5 Units)
Sept 26NFL: Dallas +1Win (+5 Units)
Sept 25NFL: Miami +5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 25NFL: Detroit +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 25NFL: San Fran -1Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 25NFL: Las Vegas -2Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 24CFB: Wake +8Win (+5 Units)
Sept 24CFB: Minnesota -2.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 24CFB: Oregon -5.5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 24CFB: SMU +2.5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 23CFB: Virginia +9.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 19NFL: Buffalo -10Win (+5 Units)
Sept 19NFL: Minnesota/Philly Over 49Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 118NFL: Washington -1Win (+5 Units)
Sept 18NFL: Miami +4Win (+5 Units)
Sept 18NFL: San Fran -9Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 18NFL: Raiders -5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 17CFB: USC -10.5Win (+10 Units)
Sept 17CFB: SMU +3Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 17CFB: Miami +6.5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 16CFB: FSU -2.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 15NFL: Kansas City -130Win (+5 Units)
Sept 12NFL: Denver/Seattle Under 44Win (+10 Units)
Sept 11NFL: Miami -3.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 11NFL: Tampa Bay -2.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 11NFL: Philly -5.5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 10CFB: Kentucky +5.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 10CFB: Pitt +5.5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 10CFB: Iowa State +3Win (+5 Units)
Sept 8NFL: Buffalo -2Win (+10 Units)
Sept 5CFB: Clemson -23.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 4CFB: FSU +4.5Win (+10 Units)
Sept 4MLB: Seattle -120Win (+5 Units)
Sept 3CFB: Utah -2Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 3CFB: Georgia -17Win (+5 Units)
Sept 3CFB: Notre Dame +17Win (+10 Units)
Sept 2CFB: Illinois +1.5Loss (-5 Units)
Sept 2CFB: Duke -9Win (+5 Units)
Sept 1CFB: West Virginia +7.5Win (+5 Units)
Sept 1MLB: Arizona +115Win (+5 Units)
July 31MLB: San Diego -145Win (+10 Units)
July 31MLB: Chi Cubs/San Fran Under 7.5Win (+5 Units)
July 30MLB: St. Louis/Washington Under 9.5Loss (-5 Units)
July 29MLB: Texas/LA Angels Over 7.5Win (+5 Units)
July 29MLB: LA Dodgers -1.5Loss (-5 Units)
July 28MLB: Cleveland/Boston Under 9.5Win (+5 Units)
July 27MLB: Seattle/Texas Under 8Win (+5 Units)
July 26MLB: Milwaukee -116Win (+5 Units)
July 26MLB: Seattle -172Win (+5 Units)
July 25MLB: Miami/Cinci Under 9Loss (-5 Units)
July 25MLB: LA Angels/Kansas City Under 8Win (+5 Units)
July 24MLB: Minnesota/Detroit Under 9Loss (-5 Units)
July 23MLB: St. Louis -160Win (+10 Units)
July 23MLB: Milwaukee -1.5Win (+5 Units)
July 22MLB: Toronto -122Win (+5 Units)
July 21MLB: Detroit +1.5Loss (-5 Units)
July 21MLB: Houston -135Win (+5 Units)
July 17MLB: Atlanta/Washington Over 9Win (+5 Units)
July 16MLB: NY Mets/Chi Cubs Over 7Push (+0 Units)
July 15MLB: Colorado -1.5Win (+5 Units)
July 15MLB: Philadelphia +140Win (+5 Units)
July 14MLB: NY Mets/Chicago Under 7.5Loss (-5 Units)
July 13MLB: Chi Cubs -150Loss (-5 Units)
July 12MLB: Colorado +122Win (+5 Units)
July 11MLB: Pittsburgh/Miami Under 7.5Win (+5 Units)
July 10MLB: Houston/Oakland Over 8Loss (-5 Units)
July 9MLB: Minnesota/Texas Over 8Win (+5 Units)
July 8MLB: Oakland/Houston Over 7.5Win (+5 Units)
July 7MLB: San Diego -141Win (+5 Units)
July 7MLB: NY Yankees -1.5 +105Loss (-5 Units)
July 6MLB: San Fran/Arizona Over 8.5Win (+5 Units)
July 6MLB: LA Angels -1.5 +110 Win (+5 Units)
July 5MLB: Texas -105Loss (-10 Units)
July 4MLB: Cleveland -133Loss (-5 Units)
July 3MLB: Cleveland +140Win (+5 Units)
July 3MLB: NY Mets -1.5 +155Win (+10 Units)
July 2MLB: NY Yankees/Cleveland Over 8.5Win (+10 Units)
July 2MLB: Boston/Chi Cubs Under 9.5Win (+5 Units)
July 1MLB: Miami/Washington Under 9Push (+0 Units)
July 1MLB: Seattle -1.5 +118Loss (-5 Units)
July 1MLB: Kansas City +100Win (+5 Units)
June 30MLB: Milwaukee -141Loss (-5 Units)
June 30MLB: Toronto -1.5 +138Win (+5 Units)
June 29MLB: Baltomore/Seattle Over 8Win (+5 Units)
June 29MLB: LA Dodgers/Colorado Over 11.5Win (+5 Units)
June 28MLB: Detroit/San Fran Under 7Push (+0 Units)
June 27MLB: Miami/St. Louis Over 7.5Loss (-5 Units)
June 26MLB: LA Dodgers -115Win (+5 Units)
June 26MLB: Detroit/Arizona Over 8.5Win (+5 Units)
June 26NHL: Tampa Bay +105Loss (-5 Units)
June 25MLB: Atlanta -145Win (+5 Units)
June 25MLB: Philly/San Diego Over 7.5Loss (-5 Units)
June 25MLB: NY Mets -140Win (+5 Units)
June 22MLB: Houston -135Win (+5 Units)
June 22MLB: NY Yankees -145Win (+5 Units)
June 22MLB: Washington/Baltimore Over 9Loss (-5 Units)
June 21MLB: St. Louis -130Win (+5 Units)
June 20MLB: Arizona/San Diego Under 7Win (+5 Units)
June 20MLB: San Fran +130Loss (-5 Units)
June 15MLB: NY Yankees -135Win (+5 Units)
June 15MLB: Minnesota -145Win (+5 Units)
June 15MLB: Oakland/Boston Under 9.5Loss (-5 Units)
June 14MLB: Houston -125Win (+5 Units)
June 13NBA: Boston +4Loss (-5 Units)
June 9MLB: Minnesota/NY Yankees Over 8.5Win (+10 Units)
June 7MLB: San Diego -130Win (+5 Units)
June 6MLB: Boston -103Win (+5 Units)
June 4MLB: San Diego +115Win (+5 Units)
June 4NBA: Boston -145Win (+5 Units)
June 2NBA: Boston +3.5Win (+10 Units)
June 1MLB: Tampa Bay -120Win (+5 Units)
June 1NHL: Tampa Bay -120Loss (-5 Units)
May 31MLB: San Diego/St. Louis Under 8.5Win (+5 Units)
May 30MLB: Milwaukee -130Win (+5 Units)
May 30MLB: Atlanta -115Loss (-5 Units)
May 25NBA: Boston -3Win (+10 Units)
May 22MLB: Arizona +110Loss (-5 Units)
May 22NBA: Golden State/Dallas Under 217Win (+5 Units)
May 22MLB: Chi White Sox/NY Yankees Game 1 Under 9Win (+5 Units)
May 19NBA: Boston/Miami Over 206Win (+5 Units)
May 19MLB: Arizona +107Win (+5 Units)
May 16MLB: San Francisco -140Win (+5 Units)
May 16MLB: Houston +115Loss (-5 Units)
May 15NBA: Dallas +6Win (+10 Units)
May 15MLB: LA Angels -120Win (+5 Units)
May 15MLB: Boston -105Loss (-5 Units)
May 12NBA: Miami +2.5Win (+5 Units)
May 12NHL: Carolina +110Loss (-5 Units)
May 12MLB: NY Yankees/Chi White Sox Over 8Win (+5 Units)
May 11NBA: Boston -5Loss (-5 Units)
May 11NBA: Memphis +4Win (+5 Units)
May 11MLB: Miami -120Win (+5 Units)
May 1MLB: San Diego -175Win (+5 Units)
May 1MLB: Minnesota +115Win (+5 Units)
May 1NBA: Boston -4.5Loss (-5 Units)
May 1NBA: Memphis +2.5Win (+5 Units)
April 30MLB: Philly +110 Loss (-5 Units)
April 30MLB: Washington Over 7.5 Win (+5 Units)
April 30MLB: Seattle +105Loss (-5 Units)
April 29MLB: Atlanta -120Loss (-5 Units)
April 29MLB: Philly +110Win (+5 Units)
April 18NBA: Golden Stat -6.5Win (+5 Units)
April 17NBA: Miami -7Win (+5 Units)
April 17MLB: St. Louis +115Loss (-5 Units)
April 17NBA: Brooklyn +4Win (+5 Units)
April 16NBA: Toronto +5Loss (-5 Units)
April 16MLB: Atlanta +105Win (+5 Units)
April 10MLB: Cleveland +110Win (+5 Units)
April 10NBA: Boston -5.5Win (+5 Units)
April 10MLB: Miami +105Loss (-5 Units)
April 9MLB: Mets -140Win (+5 Units)
April 9MLB: Houston -105Loss (-5 Units)
April 8NBA: Charlotte +2.5Win (+5 Units)
April 8NBA: Cleveland +8.5Loss (-5 Units)
April 7NBA: Boston +8Win (+5 Units)
April 4CBB: UNC +4.5Win (+10 Units)
April 3NBA: LA Clippers -2Win (+5 Units)
April 3NBA: Philly -5Loss (-5 Units)
April 2NBA: Utah -2.5Loss (-5 Units)
April 2CBB: UNC +4.5Win (+5 Units)
April 2NBA: Miami -2.5Win (+5 Units)
April 1NBA: LA Lakers -2Loss (-5 Units)
April 1NBA: Memphis +7.5Win (+5 Units)
March 29NBA: Milwaukee +1Win (+5 Units)
March 28NBA: Charlotte +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 28NBA: Memphis -9.5Win (+5 Units)
March 27CBB: UNC -8.5Win (+5 Units)
March 27NBA: Philly +4.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 26CBB: Villanova +3Win (+5 Units)
March 26NBA: Brooklyn -2.5Win (+5 Units)
March 25CBB: Saint Peters +13Win (+5 Units)
March 25CBB: Kansas -6.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 25CBB: Miami -3Win (+5 Units)
March 24CBB: Houston +2Win (+5 Units)
March 24CBB: Gonzaga -8Loss (-5 Units)
March 20CBB: Dayton +3.5Win (+5 Units)
March 20CBB: Villanova -5Win (+5 Units)
March 19CBB: Creighton +12.5Win (+5 Units)
March 19CBB: Tennessee -6.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 19CBB: Gonzaga -9.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 18CBB: Iowa State +4.5Win (+5 Units)
March 18CBB: Villanova -15Win (+5 Units)
March 18CBB: Duke -18Loss (-5 Units)
March 17CBB: San Fran +2Loss (-5 Units)
March 17CBB: Saint Mary's -2.5Win (+5 Units)
March 17CBB: Tennessee -18Win (+5 Units)
March 16CBB: Florida -6.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 16NBA: Denver -6.5Win (+5 Units)
March 15NBA: Miami -13.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 15CBB: St. Bonaventure +4Win (+5 Units)
March 14NBA: Golden -11.5Win (+5 Units)
March 13NBA: NY Knicks +5.5Win (+5 Units)
March 13NBA: Boston -6.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 13NBA: Memphis -14.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 12CBB: UCLA +2Loss (-5 Units)
March 12CBB: Creighton +7Win (+5 Units)
March 12CBB: Tennessee +3Win (+5 Units)
March 11CBB: Vanderbilt +11Win (+5 Units)
March 11NBA: Miami +9Win (+5 Units)
March 10NBA: Brooklyn +4.5Win (+5 Units)
March 10CBB: Colorado -1Win (+5 Units)
March 10CBB: VaTech -1Win (+5 Units)
March 10CBB: Maryland +2.5Loss (-5 Units)
March 9CBB: DePaul/St. Johns Over 155Win (+5 Units)
March 9NBA: Boston/Charlotte Over 225 Loss (-5 Units)
March 8NBA: Milwaukee -14Win (+5 Units)
March 8CBB: Clemson -5Win (+5 Units)
March 8CBB: GaTech +5Loss (-5 Units)
March 1NBA: Boston -6Win (+5 Units)
March 1NCAAB: Providence +9.5Win (+5 Units)
March 1NBA: USC +4.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 28NBA: Miami -5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 28NBA: Cleveland +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 27NBA: New Orleans +2Win (+5 Units)
Feb 27NBA: Denver -8Win (+5 Units)
Feb 27NBA: Golden State -5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 26CBB: Iowa St +2.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 26CBB: Tennessee -3Win (+5 Units)
Feb 26CBB: Kansas +3Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 25NBA: Miami -5.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 25CBB: St. Louis +3Win (+5 Units)
Feb 24NBA: Golden State -10Win (+5 Units)
Feb 24NBA: Boston -8.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 22CBB: Alabama -4.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 22CBB: Kent State -8.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 22CBB: San Diego St +2Win (+5 Units)
Feb 21CBB: Indiana +7Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 19CBB: Kent St -12Win (+5 Units)
Feb 19CBB: Cleveland St -6.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 18NBA: Philly +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 18CBB: USC -12Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 17NBA: LA Lakers +4.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 17NBA: NY Knicks -4Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 17CBB: Miami -2Win (+5 Units)
Feb 16NBA: Boston -2Win (+5 Units)
Feb 16CBB: Providence +4Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 13NFL: Cincinnati +4.5Win (+20 Units)
Feb 13NBA: Boston -7.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 13CBB: Colorado St +2Win (+10 Units)
Feb 11CBB: UConn +1.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 11NBA: Minnesota/Chicago Over 240Win (+5 Units)
Feb 6NBA: Detroit +12Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 6NBA: Atlanta +1.5Loss (-10 Units)
Feb 6NBA: Boston -9Win (+5 Units)
Feb 5NBA: Miami -3Win (+5 Units)
Feb 5CBB: UNC +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 5CBB: Arizona -10Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 3NBA: Miami -7.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 3NBA: LA Clippers -3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 2NBA: LA Lakers -4.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 2CBB: Wisconsin +7
Loss (-5 Units)
Feb 1NBA: Toronto -1.5Win (+5 Units)
Feb 1CBB: Richmond -7Win (+5 Units)
Feb 1CBB: Louisville +4Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 31NBA: Boston -6.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 31NBA: Memphis -3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 30NFL: Cinci +7Win (+20 Units)
Jan 30NFL: San Fran +4Win (+5 Units)
Jan 27NBA: Philly -2.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 27CBB: Colorado -2Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 26NBA: Toronto +4Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 26CBB: Providence +8.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 26CBB: Boston College +13.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 25CBB: Kentucky -9Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 25CBB: Michigan St +2.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 25CBB: Richmond -1 Win (+5 Units)
Jan 24CBB: Texas Tech +7Win (+5 Units)
Jan 23NFL: Buffalo +2Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 23CBB: Marquette +2Win (+5 Units)
Jan 22CBB: KSU +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 22CBB: LSU +5.5Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 22CBB: Notre Dame +3Win (+5 Units)
Jan 22CBB: FSU +2.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 21CBB: Michigan St +3.5Win (+10 Units)
Jan 21NBA: Toronto -1.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 20NBA: Atlanta +2.5Win (+10 Units)
Jan 20CBB: Colorado +2.5Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 17NFL: Arizona +3.5Loss (-10 Units)
Jan 14NBA: Dallas +3Win (+5 Units)
Jan 14NBA: Golden State +2.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 14NBA: Charlotte -11Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 11NBA: LA Clippers +3Win (+5 Units)
Jan 11CBB: Auburn +3Win (+5 Units)
Jan 11NBA: Minnesota -6.5Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 10CFB: Georgia -2.5Win (+20 Units)
Jan 9NFL: Miami +6Win (+5 Units)
Jan 9NFL: Pittsburgh +3.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 7NBA: Milwaukee +5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 7NBA: Atlanta+3Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 7NBA: Minnesota -5Win (+10 Units)
Jan 5CBB: Alabama +1.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 5NBA: San Antonio +7.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 5CBB: Iowa St -5Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 4NBA: Sacramento +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 4CBB: Virginia +3Loss (-5 Units)
Jan 2NBA: Minnesota +7.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 2NFL: Kansas City/Cinci Over 50.5Win (+5 Units)
Jan 1NBA: Utah +4Win (+5 Units)
Jan 1CBB: Providence +1.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 31, 2021NBA: NY Knicks -2.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 31NBA: Miami -5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 31CFB: Michigan +7.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 29CBB: Seton Hall +2Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 29NBA: Dallas -125Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 27NFL: Miami -3Win (+5 Units)
Dec 26NFL: New England -1Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 26NFL: Dallas -10Win (+5 Units)
Dec 26NFL: Denver +1Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 25NFL: Indy +3Win (+5 Units)
Dec 25NFL: Cleveland +8Win (+5 Units)
Dec 22CBB: Missouri St +6.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 22CBB: Tennessee -1Win (+5 Units)
Dec 20NFL: Minnesota -7Win (+5 Units)
Dec 19NFL: San Fran -9Win (+5 Units)
Dec 19NFL: Tenneessee +1Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 19NFL: Dallas -11Win (+5 Units)
Dec 18NBA: Cleveland -5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 18CFB: UAB +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 18CBB: Xavier -10Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 17CFB: NIU/Coastal Carolina Over 64Win (+5 Units)
Dec 17NBA: Denver +3.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 16NBA: Brooklyn +1.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 16NFL: LA Rams +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 16NBA: Indiana -10.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 14NBA: Phoenix -5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 13NFL: LA Rams +3Win (+10 Units)
Dec 12NFL: Buffalo +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 12NFL: Atlanta +3Win (+5 Units)
Dec 12NFL: Tennessee -8Win (+5 Units)
Dec 9NBA: LA Lakers -4Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 9NFL: Minnesota -3Win (+5 Units)
Dec 8NBA: Cleveland -2.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 8NBA: Miami +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 7NBA: Golden St -14Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 7CBB: Michigan -7Win (+5 Units)
Dec 5NBA: Miami -6Win (+5 Units)
Dec 5NBA: LAC +3Win (+5 Units)
Dec 5CBB: Xavier +3.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 4CFB: Houston +11Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 4CFB: Baylor +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 4CFB: Michigan -11.5Win (+5 Units)
Dec 1CBB: Harvard +2Win (+5 Units)
Dec 1CBB: Miami +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Dec 1CBB: Nebraska +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 30NBA: NY Knicks +7Win (+5 Units)
Nov 30NBA: Golden St +3Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 27CFB: Michigan +7.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 27CFB: Minnesota +7Win (+5 Units)
Nov 27NBA: Phoenix -7Win (+5 Units)
Nov 27CFB: BYU -7.5Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 25NFL: Las Vegas +7Win (+5 Units)
Nov 25CFB: Ole Miss +2.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 24NBA: Brooklyn +1Win (+5 Units)
Nov 24CBB: Houston -5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 23NBA: Dallas +3.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 23CBB: St. Mary's +2.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 23NBA: Miami -9Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 20NBA: Indiana -7Win (+10 Units)
Nov 20CFB: Purdue -10.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 20CFB: Michigan -15Win (+5 Units)
Nov 20CFB: Virginia Tech +7Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 19NBA: Boston -1Win (+5 Units)
Nov 19NBA: Chicago -2Win (+5 Units)
Nov 19NBA: Phoenix -8.5Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 17NBA: Chicago +3Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 17NBA: Atlanta -5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 16NBA: Philly/Utah Under 217Win (+5 Units)
Nov 16NBA: BYU +4.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 16CBB: Michigan -8Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 14NFL: New England -2Win (+10 Units)
Nov 14NFL: Kansas City -3Win (+5 Units)
Nov 13CFB: NC State +1.5Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 13CFB: Baylor +4.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 13CFB: UAB +5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 12CBB: Duke -25Win (+5 Units)
Nov 12NBA: Phoenix -2Win (+5 Units)
Nov 11NFL: Baltimore/Miami Over 45.5 Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 11CFB: Pitt -6Win (+5 Units)
Nov 9CBB: Duke -2Win (+5 Units)
Nov 9NBA: LA Clippers -3Win (+5 Units)
Nov 8NBA: Atlanta +3.5Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 8NFL: Chicago +7Win (+10 Units)
Nov 8NBA: Phoenix -3Win (+5 Units)
Nov 6NBA: Boston +3.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 6CFB: UTSA -11Win (+5 Units)
Nov 6CFB: Kentucky +1Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 5NBA: NY Knicks +4Win (+5 Units)
Nov 5NBA: Charlotte +2Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 5CFB: Virginia Tech -1Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 4NBA: Indiana -10Win (+5 Units)
Nov 4NBA: Boston +6.5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 3NBA: Chicago +3Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 3NBA: Atlanta +5Loss (-5 Units)
Nov 3NBA: Sacramento -5Win (+5 Units)
Nov 2MLB: Atlanta +120Win (+5 Units)

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