Scott Matthews

scott-matthews-bio-pickLet 30 Years of Sports Investing Experience
 Work for You Daily. Scott Matthews has long been one of the most trusted and powerful names in the sports handicapping industry. He has built into a mega service that the public can connect with his knowledge and resources he’s put together over the past 30 years. Scott Matthews is a consummate professional who started in the sports industry as a young man in 1987. Presently bringing nearly three decades of experience to the table. This type of experience is very rare to find and plays a pivotal role in producing winning results on a consistent basis for his clients. Keeping his clients and their bankrolls on the positive side. This acquired wisdom is used daily to personally money manage clients that are serious about Quality vs. Quantity plays. Serious players are always managed  1-on-1 by Scott Matthews personally to show the commitment, dedication, and discipline it takes to build strong bankrolls.

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4 CFB Picks:
Miami vs. Virginia Tech
Syracuse vs. Notre Dame
Cincinnati vs. UCF
Iowa State vs. Texas

4 NFL Picks:
Dallas vs. Atlanta
Carolina vs. Detroit
Philly vs. New Orleans
Minnesota vs. Chicago

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